DATAFILE can help you to organise, access and manage your critical paper and electronic records. DATAFILE offers physical filing equipment and supplies, paper to electronic conversion services, records management software, and consulting services.

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Accessibility leads to more efficient processes

Lost files, document duplication, and internal information that is difficult to find can all slow customer response times and increase your operating expenses.

DATAFILE's solutions will ensure that the right information is where it is supposed to be – reducing filing errors, improving search times and preventing documents from being misplaced. We help your employees find the information they need, when they need it.

Managed records lowers exposure to risk

DATAFILE works closely with you to understand your particular records management challenges. We then map out a plan and implement a customised solution.

In doing so, DATAFILE helps you manage risk and minimise exposure to litigation by developing retention guidelines for the timely and appropriate disposition of documents. DATAFILE provides you with a complete records management system and ensures that you are aware of the vital records you need to protect.

Organised information means lower costs

An organised records management system ensures that only relevant files are maintained, reduces duplication of work, and allows for the smooth transfer of information within your organisation.

Together we can refine your records management system to make it less complicated and more efficient. We will help you reduce your storage costs, space requirements and information retrieval time, while lowering your overall labor costs.

What our clients are saying, here and overseas

I am a dedicated believer in the TABQUIK labelling system. After the initial TABQUIK set-up has been done, it's an extremely efficient system to run.
-Kerry Lee, Senior Clinical Trials Administrator, Pharmaxis Ltd

Our staff is excited about being able to have their files properly stored and be able to access them quickly. They can actually concentrate on their jobs instead of wondering how or where to find their files.
-Helen Davis, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART), Tampa

DATAFILE's approach to moving, repurposing and reusing our largest records management system fit seamlessly into our goal to create the world's most sustainable campus.
-Sara Scheive, Design Manager, Global Workspace Solutions, Johnson Controls

We told the DATAFILE Consultants our problem and they came up with a solution to deal with it and brought in their people and equipment to do the job. I didn't have to get involved at all, which I'm thankful for since I'm the CFO and not a records manager.
-Tony Aukett, CFO, Continental Paper Grading

The DATAFILE team worked extremely well with our people to get the project done right. Quality control was critical and they achieved this beyond our expectations. With a single point of contact, the communication between the two teams was excellent and it was critical to the success of this project.
-North American Regional Health Care Provider

With DATAFILE's help, we could better demonstrate compliance, more effectively manage risk, reduce response time to investors, and make faster and better informed decisions regarding new business opportunities.
-Bank United

Over the years of working with DATAFILE, they've provided us with the best service, top quality shelving, cabinets & filing solutions and are always able to meet our tight deadlines.
-Helen McMahon, Premises Manager, Henry David York

We have had a long association with DATAFILE and in every business dealing, they have been faultless. We have a large network of offices across the region and Datafile has given outstanding service to each site, regardless of location. We look forward to maintaining our relationship for many more years to come.
-Nick Dunn, Services & Facilities Manager Qld/NT, Aon Australia