Managing the Hybrid Environment

Are you finding managing electronic and paper records in the same environment to be a challenge? You aren’t the only one.

The increasing emphasis on electronic records in our field is undeniable. A recent DATAFILE survey found that over half of the respondents had replaced at least 20% of their files with electronic records, at a time when paper record volumes continue to grow.

In the same survey, 20% of organisations reported that over 60% of their record collections were a hybrid between paper and electronic.

This “hybrid” environment is creating a “two-headed” beast that presents new records management challenges, and Datafile can help you meet them.

The Right Program

The key to handling the hybrid environment lies in developing a comprehensive program that will help your organisation thrive in both the paper and electronic worlds, bringing the two together in one value add for your organisation’s business.

We can also help you with specific issues in the hybrid environment like:

  • Managing shared drives
  • Selecting the right software
  • Disaster recovery and vital records

This new environment means a constantly evolving landscape, and the solution is to continue to apply records management best practices so that your information, regardless of format, is always secure, accessible and compliant.