File Conversions

Merge, convert files for increased efficiency

We can help you transform your current document storage system into a highly efficient, secure records storage system. By streamlining the way you file, you’ll save time, space and cost.

The process starts by understanding what records you currently have and how you use the information they contain. We will take an inventory of your current records collections, so you know what exists and what you are missing.

The outcome of this process is the creation of a database of your current files. During a conversion, we will often apply bar codes to create a tracking system so you know where a file is. Bar code tracking also allows you to create an audit trail of who has or had a file in the past.

There are many types of file conversion processes that we put in place depending on your exact requirements and objectives, including:

Document Level Conversion

We can take a jumbled collection of documents and standardise the way it is organised. During a document level conversion, our staff will audit and arrange file contents to ensure that all the necessary documents are present and are put together in a consistent format. Those that are missing are identified and duplicates are eliminated. This ensures that you will have all the information you need with complete and compliant files.

File Folder Conversion

Making conversions at the folder-level is an excellent way to make your information more efficient. With over 60 years of experience with paper records, we can help you to design and implement a highly efficient paper filing system. This can start with a switch to a colour-coded, numeric system, which can reduce retrieval time by up to 40%, or converting your files from top-tab to side-tab for significant physical filing space savings.

Consolidating File Collections

Our experts can work with you to merge different file systems into one standardised system. This will give your organisation faster access, more control and better security when it comes to your files.

Imaging and document conversions

File conversions are a great starting point for organising your documents, but converting your physical records into electronic form can go a long way in streamlining your information retrieval processes.

At DATAFILE, we offer the following paper to electronic conversion services:

  • Day-Forward: we work with you to implement the right workflows and technologies so you can go from a paper-based process to an electronic format
  • Back File: we scan your existing paper records into electronic form
  • Scan-on-Demand: we store your current records offsite at DATAFILE, and scan and send them to you in electronic form as you request them

With any of our electronic conversion services DATAFILE will:

  • Perform quality assurance on all the images and related index data
  • Implement an electronic data retrieval system to ensure that the images can be viewed right away
  • Re-file the original physical records
  • Provide staff with the proper training and support they need to transition to the new system

Throughout the file consolidation or conversion, we’ll take care of all sorting, validation, and filing of your documents into the new system. That means peace of mind.